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Numeric Analysis Limited

Optimized solutions through numerical intelligence
Mathematics, statistics and computation are fundamental to understanding and exploiting the world around us. Mathematical models underpin much of modern industry, business and governance. The right model, analyzed and implemented effectively, can help optimize processes and the use of resources and thereby reduce costs, improve quality or minimize risk. NumericAnalysis is an innovative consulting company that is helping businesses and government identify and solve key modelling and data analysis problems.

Proven approach
We have over 20 years experience in industry, and knowledge formed at the world's leading academic institutions including Oxford University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. We have one foot in academia and the other in industry, to ensure that our skills and knowledge constitute leading edge research, and yet remain grounded in practical problems. To find out how our proven knowledge and experience can help optimize what you do to your advantage, please get in contact.

Flexible relationships
We offer no-obligation quotations. We work with you to formalize your problem, needs and outcomes. We then design a mutually satisfactory programme of work. We can undertake short projects lasting from one or two days, to long projects spanning months or more in duration.


Dr Max A. Little
Numeric Analysis Limited